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Proof of my genius.

Here's an April Fools prank I created at Duke University.
It involved inserting Elvis into a series of images on the homepage.

Even as a young person, my artistic nature revealed itself.

I love to take pictures, and as you can see here had by the tender age of eight,
attained a level comparable to the Dada master Man Ray .
La Marquise Casati
by Man Ray
Picture of my neighbor
Nicky Ruth
c. 1972
by Man Ray ca. 1930


An homage to Marcel Duchamp

Nude descending an escalator

This is the first image I ever digitized.
It's Ted Koppel on Nightline during the Iran Hostage Crisis.

It had that "Max Headroom" quality, so I saved it.
I built the digitizer myself from a kit, and used it with my Commodore 64 (why, I remember....)
This is also pretty much the best scan I ever got from that little kluge.

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