Primate Center
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Visitors to the Duke Primate Center can sometimes see a white-coated staff member feeding the lemurs in one of the multi-acre outdoor enclosures that allow center's lemurs to roam in a natural habitat during the warm months.

The center, which is supported by the National Science Foundation, Duke and private donations, houses the world's largest collection of endangered primates. Duke is also the only university that concentrates on studying and protecting prosimians such as lemurs, lorises and tarsiers. Prosimians descended from primitive primates that were also ancestors to anthropoids, which includes monkeys, apes and humans. Thus, by studying prosimians, scientists can obtain analogous insights into the early history of apes and humans. Guided tours for a small fee are available by appointment, and arrangements can be made by calling (919) 489-3364. The center is open Monday-Saturday.

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