Duke Chapel
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The Duke Chapel, which opened in 1932, was the first building planned and the last completed of the early West Campus buildings. James B. Duke said of the Chapel "I want the central building to be a church, a great towering church which will dominate all of the surrounding buildings, because such an edifice would be bound to have a profound influence on the spiritual life of the young men and women who come here."

The chapel has it's own virtual tour.

The Chapel has three great organs, one at each end of the nave, and one in the Memorial Chapel. The Flentrop organ is of classical design, and is used for voluntaries and hymns as well as for recitals. The Aeolian organ, which is housed in large chambers at the front of the chapel, is used for accompanying the choir and for recitals. A smaller, Italian style Brombaugh organ is located in a swallows nest gallery in the Memorial Chapel. In addition to the three large organs, there is a small Flentrop portative organ used for accompanying small groups.

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